Friday, October 5, 2012

The Girls' Room!

I'm excited that I've finished transforming my girl's bedroom into my girls' bedroom!  We didn't do a whole lot - it actually looks very similar to the way it did before.  The walls, floor, toys, and bed are unchanged, but I'm still really happy with the end result:

We decided to keep the Ikea bed for now, until we get Isabella healthy and settled here.  Then we'll reassess to see what will best fit the girls' needs.  

They each have their own new dresser, and there is plenty of empty space on the bookshelf for Isabella to add her artwork and new things.  

Rainbows and castles on the walls for my two princesses :)

 The newly-divided closet is probably my favorite part of the room, because I love to organize stuff :)  The neglected neat freak in me felt very triumphant after finishing this little project!  

Isabella's needs for love, nutrition, and medical care far outweigh her need for stuff.  However, I am looking forward to giving her so many things that she has never had:  toys (and the freedom to get down on the floor and play with them), a calm pretty space to sleep in, and clothes of her own.  Did you know that orphans own nothing?  Nothing.  She cannot even claim one single piece of clothing - everything is community property and the clothes she wears are mismatched and too big.  One day, very soon, she will be able to point to the clothes in this closet and tell me which one of HER outfits she wants to wear!  I think that is awesome :)


  1. Beautiful!! It's every princess' fantasy room!

  2. This is so sweet. I am sure in this room Isabella will feel like the princess that she is!

  3. It looks wonderful! Icant wait to see pictures of her in her new home!!!!

  4. Looks wonderful! I will check my plethora of pink as well for winter clothes.

  5. So beautiful! What a wonderful place for the girls to spend their time, playing and resting. Isabella will definitely flourish! - Sara Eriksen

  6. What a fun, cute room! I'm sure you can hardly wait to see both of your daughters enjoying it together. Isabella is sure to love it!