Thursday, December 15, 2011

November: Month in Review

Weekend visit to the North Shore.  I love how small they look, peering out into the vast ocean ahead...

 Our Christmas family photo session.  Typical - Bou is sitting nicely, looking at the camera and Buddy is clowning around.

Thanksgiving dinner.  We broke tradition this year and went out to eat at the Sheraton Waikiki.  I think he enjoyed it - I already mentioned he's a clown, right?

About this time last year, I bought Bou this dress, which she has absolutely loved.  This year we went back to the same little store in Honolulu, and they had the hat in the same pattern.  She has already worn this ensemble to church 3 times (in a row!).  Last Sunday I finally had to tell her she needed to pick a different dress for church, to which she replied "Okay, but can I go back to wearing this dress next week?"