Sunday, October 21, 2012

Adoption Shower!

Two of my very gracious friends hosted an adoption shower for Isabella today.  I thought it was really wonderful and was overcome with emotion (in a good way) more than once.  Everyone who attended seemed genuinely interested in learning more about our girl, and about the plight of special needs orphans in general.  It was a great time of sharing and gave me a jolt of much-needed confidence about the trip we will soon embark on.  I left feeling that Isabella is already loved and supported by many friends who are eagerly anticipating her arrival!

When I came home I was so excited about putting her new things in her room that I immediately started emptying gift bags.  Then I decided to stop and snap a few pictures.  I want Isabella to some day be able to read this blog and to SEE how many people cared about her, even as she lay in her bed each day, completely unaware that her family was coming. 

Just some of the many gifts Isabella was blessed with today.  I wish I had photos of the people who gave them to us - I took my camera to the shower but didn't take a single picture!

You may have read my first post about Isabella, entitled A Blue Sun.  Amy and Suzy, my friends who hosted the shower, made cupcakes with little blue suns and hung decorative blue paper suns!  So thoughtful. 

Dresser drawers are now stocked with the basics - cute camisoles and underwear in different sizes...

...a mix of new clothing and lovingly passed along hand-me-downs.

Everything she needs for a nice comfy sleeping space - a plush pink blanket, a soft stuffed animal, and a small quilt that my friend Michelle made by hand.  It has gorgeous Hawaiian-themed fabrics and I love it (even more so because it was made with her hands!).  I will always cherish it.

Books to read, tools to teach with, music to listen to, and her own Bible.  

Isabella is even ready for her first trip to the beach :)

She now has an awesome high-chair that is perfect for eating meals with our family, as well as a new car seat.  Another friend dropped off a bean bag so she can lounge in the living room with us until she is healthy enough to sit up.  I feel so incredibly blessed tonight - I just hope I can find the words to adequately convey to everyone who has supported us how much this means to my family.  We LOVE the gifts, we NEED the gifts, they help so much.  We are very grateful.  But what we REALLY love and need and treasure more than anything else are the friendships, the prayers, and the enthusiasm of those around us!


  1. Thank you everyone for taking time and donating to our family. It is especially heartwarming for me as I am so far away. We wouldn't really be able to do this adoption without all of your support.

  2. Wow!!!! This is so wonderful! I teared up at the blue sun cupcakes, so sweet!

  3. So, I even got a little teary-eyed reading this, especially when I got to the blue-suns. You are blessed with some very thoughtful friends :)

  4. congratulations Lim family on your new adventure as a family of five!!