Monday, October 1, 2012

Blue Angels

My boy!  He loves anything with wheels or wings.  




Dune Buggies.

He loves to help "drive".  This photo of him with my dad is one of my favorites.

So naturally, when the Blue Angels came to Hawaii this past weekend to perform at the air show, I had to make sure this little boy got to see them.  He had his first peek on Thursday afternoon, when they were practicing maneuvers directly over our house.  He was SO excited!  He kept running outside - hands over his ears and big smile on his face -  whenever he heard them approaching.

On Saturday afternoon we met some friends at one of the beaches on Kaneohe Marine Corps Base, the site of the air show.  From there we had a great view of the Blue Angels without the deafening noise that comes with being at the airfield. Another bonus was the kids could run around and play while we were waiting for them to take off.

Driving his Tonka truck while he waits.

Sister turning cartwheels in the sand.

When the planes began to fly over, Buddy was mesmerized.  He just stood in one spot the entire time, with his eyes glued to the sky.  Afterward there was still plenty of time to play in the water before the sun began to sink behind the mountains.

For the rest of the night, all he talked about was the Blue Angels.  When he woke up on Sunday morning and I went to get him from his crib he told me, "I heard the Blue Angels.  They flew over my room while I took my nap!"  So I decided, on a whim, to take him to the airfield after church.  On our way there he told me that maybe they'd let him drive one :)  Crazy boy!  I think that he found the planes to be both terrifying and thrilling when they took off.

Holding on tight to Sis.

He quickly got over his fear though, and had a blast!

No matter how many times I see them fly, I am always amazed at their speed and close proximity to each other as they maneuver.  It is incredible and I would NEVER have the courage to do it!  It was an exciting show and both the kids loved it.

Look how close together they are!

Flying right over our heads.

Almost looks like three planes instead of four.

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