Monday, November 4, 2013

Oprhan Sunday

I posted this short blurb on Facebook yesterday in honor of Orphan Sunday, and just wanted to share it here as well:

Today is Orphan Sunday. Exactly ONE YEAR ago today, we boarded a plane to make the 30 hour journey from Hawaii to Ukraine to begin our adoption of Bella. It has been a FULL year - one full of surprises, joy, pain, hope, setbacks, and most of all love. Has it been hard sometimes? Of course, any worthwhile endeavor is. Have you ever dove headfirst into a huge project - like renovating a house, landscaping your yard, participating in a humanitarian effort? Even though it probably had it's share of heartaches, when you saw it to fruition you also probably felt an immense satisfaction. Well take that feeling of satisfaction and multiply it times 1000, and you can just begin to imagine what it has felt like to adopt. Because Bella is a PERSON, not a project. And watching her thrive has been like nothing I've ever been a part of. If you have even the smallest tug at your heart, the smallest voice in your head whispering to adopt, support others' adoption, or advocate for orphans please don't ignore it - because there are about 150 MILLION orphans around the world who need hope. That's half the population of the Unites States - can you believe this? Well it's true and I've met some of them, loved them, cried for them. They have changed my life. They will change yours too if you open your heart - just start by praying for these children today and see where it leads you...

 Our first night in Kiev, Ukraine

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