Friday, September 27, 2013


Exactly one week ago, on September 20th, our newest treasure was born.   I began my day very early (as usual) and was able to witness a stunning sunrise through my kitchen window as I made the kids' school lunches.  Living on the eastern side of the island we don't get to watch the sunsets that Hawaii is famous for, but sometimes we get these glorious views in the morning.  
Due to my age, I was scheduled for an induction.  Knowing it would be the last day I'd be pregnant, and considering that I had very few photos of myself during this pregnancy, I snapped a quick pic before leaving the house. 
 We arrived at the hospital at 8:30am as planned, but when we got there we were told that the labor and delivery unit had filled up and my induction would need to be delayed until later in the day.  By lunchtime we were still in a holding pattern, so we left the hospital for a little while and enjoyed a rare treat - a lunch date.  This was our nice view from the table :).
 It was 6pm by the time I was finally admitted and my induction was underway!  It was a relatively easy labor and birth - I mean as far as births go, anyway.  At 9:10pm this sweet bundle was born.
Meeting Mama.
Meeting Dad.
Being born is hard work!
...And toes.
Sibling love:
The next day we were discharged to home.
We are all smitten with our little Bear!


  1. Welcome to your little bear!!
    Congratulations! You have beautiful children and a wonderful family :)

  2. Congratulations to yor newest treasure!!

  3. Beautiful!!! I love the picture of big sister Bella with her baby. So sweet.

  4. He is beautiful. I was wondering why you didn't tell us his name. Duh! All your children have "B" names on here! lol I'm so glad he is here and healthy. Rest as much as you can.

  5. So precious! What beautiful pictures that captured so many great moments!

  6. Stunning photos. Cute kids.Thanks for sharing. God bless. :)

  7. He looks so tiny and precious. You have a beautiful family. (and I'm amazed that when I started to read your blog you had "only" 2 kids, and now you have 4 ! :-)