Friday, September 12, 2014

And First Day of School, Take Two

Last week, I wrote about Bella's first day of school.  She began a couple of weeks before Bou and Buddy.  You can read about it HERE if you missed it. 
 Like Bella, Bou was very excited to return to class.  She was thrilled that she already knew her third grade teacher, who also attends our church.  This is Bou's fourth year at a wonderful little school that our family loves so much.
She does this thing every year where she pulls off a couple of handfuls of the tiny plumbago blooms that grow in our yard, and asks me to take a photo while she throws them in the air - what can I say, my kids are all kind of weird :).  I embrace their weirdness, as it's one of the things I love most about them! 
And finally, here's Bou in her classroom on the first day.  Her brother didn't start school until the following day; however he insisted on wearing one of his uniform shirts to drop off his sister :).
 The next day it was Buddy's turn.  It was his first day of school ever, and he was SO proud of himself. 

He bravely walked right into class, put his big boy backpack away, and kissed me goodbye.  Before I left I snapped this photo of him standing in front of the bin of dress-up hats.  It was where he chose to stand.  The Friday before class started we'd gone to an orientation appointment with his teacher, and he spotted those hats - they were all he talked about the rest of the weekend :).  He couldn't wait to try some of them on.  It's all the cute little things like that I want to remember!

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  1. Beautiful story, Beautiful family. Blessings and prayers from Florida.:)