Sunday, February 23, 2014

Splendid Saturday

This post is mostly for our families - Nana, Papa, Grandma, Lola, and Lolo - so that they can get a peek at some of the weekend fun that was had by their grandchildren :).  We live on the windward side of Oahu, where there is a rainy season for a couple of months during the winter.  Recently, we have had daily downpours that have made it very hard to get out and enjoy the beach.  It looked like the weather was turning around some though by the end of the week, so on Friday night Rob and I made plans to get up early and take the kids to Kailua Beach Park.  We really like going there because there is a sidewalk that goes through the park and all the way to the sand (about 20 feet from the water's edge), and let's face it, when you are pushing two strollers that is a big plus!  There is plenty of shade and the kids have a blast here.

My favorite time of the day there is early morning:  the water is usually calm, there is little to no wind, and most importantly, parking spots are still available!  So we got down there as fast as we could on Saturday morning.  I forgot my camera, but still took quite a few photos on the iPhone.  This view greeted us as we came to the top of the small grassy hill overlooking the ocean:
 Sandy, salty perfection and we practically had it all to ourselves (at least for a little while)!
There were already quite a few paddlers gearing up to go out on the water - it was so calm that I was a little envious.  I would love to have brought my stand-up paddle board, but with six people in the car there's not a lot of room for a SUP these days.  Have to save that for a day when I'm alone (in say, a couple of decades!).
While Bou and Buddy immediately ran down to the water and began spraying each other with their water squirters, I parked Bella and Bear beneath my favorite shade tree and enjoyed the view for a few minutes.  
We had to leave the beach park at about 9:30 for Bou to play tennis.  But we were having such a good morning that we decided to go BACK to the beach after tennis.  We stopped for some pizza at Bob's and since the beach park was crowded by this time, we drove around awhile searching for the ever-elusive parking spot before hitting the sand again.   Happily, I got the same spot under my favorite tree again :).  This haole's gotta have some shade!
There was plenty of time for more swimming (and you know what's funny about this pic is that Buddy was having a great time but as soon as he saw me about to snap a photo he said "I don't want my picture Taaaaken!"  So sorry, buddy, you got the wrong mama then!),
playing ball,
sibling love (for brief moments),
and just general silliness.
I just love to see the pure joy that little kids have as they sprint right into the water.
Bear hung out under the tree, and did some of this...
and this (I love his little folded hands, sweet sleeping boy).
And in case you are wondering where Bella is....well, I thought I'd share a little video of what she likes to do best at the beach:  sit in the shade beside Bear and listen to music, practicing her "hula" moves, which she can only do with her left arm but who cares.  My favorite is when she says "Mom, I watch Bear for you.  I be your good helper!"  Yes, big girl, you definitely are my good helper - such a little servant heart in spite of the limitations your body places on you. 
And finally, no day at Kailua Beach would be complete without a stop at Island Snow for shave ice.  For me it's about the flavor (cherry with ice cream in the bottom and a snow cap on top is STILL my favorite), but for the kids it's all about the rainbow colors.  Taste doesn't matter, as long as those three syrup flavors you get to choose mix together to create as many hues as possible!


  1. I just found your blog today and wanted to say that your photos are lovely.

  2. I miss your updates on Bella. :) How is she doing?