Thursday, March 14, 2013

February Recap

And yes, I realize it's already mid-March!  I think I've mentioned before that I'm a terrible blogger :) February was a busy month, so I'll do a quick review in pictures...

A visit from Rob's parents, one of his brothers and sister-in-law.

A ceremony for my husband, where he earned two awards that are not easy to come by.
Very proud of him!

Bou and her daddy.  Love.

Bella's first EVER birthday party with some sweet friends.

Happy 9th Birthday, big girl!

Bella had her pins removed from her hip after an xray showed good bone healing and new bone growth - yeah!

Lei-making with friends.

 A new "big boy" bike for Buddy.  He LOVES it (and has already figured out how to slam on the brakes while turning so he can "skid".  Lord help me when this guy is a teenager!).

 Happy to be upright again now that the hip is healed :)


...And beach park. 
And I'll end with a little Bella update.  She is making progress, albeit in small steps (but we'll take it!).  At this point, she can hold her head up unassisted for about 30 seconds at a time. She can tolerate sitting in her stroller for a couple of hours at an almost-upright position. She can turn from back to side and vice-versa. She cannot sit up at all unassisted. She can hold her own sippy cup, feed herself finger foods, and use her right hand somewhat. Her left hand is pretty strong, although still shaky. These are all improvements since coming home.

She has a few more surgeries on the horizon.

Her English is still coming along well and she is still a happy, easygoing kid. We hope that all surgeries can be done and casts can be off in time for her to start school in August. She tells me every day when we drop Bou off at school, "I want school!".

Parenting Bella is a humbling experience - I am convicted daily of my own selfishness and desire to have things done on my timeline (which let me tell ya, ain't gonna happen!! Haha!). Someone commented on one of my Facebook photos that everyone needs a Bella in their lives and that is so true. To see joy exude from some who can do virtually nothing for themselves, who is completely dependent on others, is also a daily perspective check - one that I need and one that I am privileged and happy to have!


  1. I love seeing what love can do! :)

  2. Thanks for posting, baby. I have a lot to learn from Viktoria also.

  3. Congratulations on the awards your husband got!

    And what a great update to get to see - especially all those smiles from your Bella.

    I'm praying with you guys that she will be able to get everything done that she needs to surgery wise so she can get her wish of going to school with Bou in fall!

    The birthday pictures were especially precious by the way!

    Look forward to watching God continue to be at work in and through your family!

  4. So glad to hear from you! I am a worrier. lol Bella looks good! I am always happy when I see the kids after they have been home a bit and their real faces start to emerge. She is so pretty and I love the light in her eyes.

  5. Rosedel, so glad you saw the update - I was hoping you would, as you're always so supportive! Thanks everyone!

  6. Thank you so much for the beautiful update! I really enjoy reading your posts, especially what you share about Bella. What a treasure of a child!

  7. Hi, just found your blog through Julia at Micah Six Eight. Bella is beautiful and she sounds smart as a whip! What a luck lucky family you are to have gotten this gem in your lives. I can't wait to follow your story and see how she progresses as she heals!

  8. Thank you Kat - so glad you visited my blog! I love Julia and her blog so much :)