Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Some Potty Humor

Buddy has been potty training this week, and doing pretty well.  I guess I got a little too confident in his progress the other night though :)  After dropping Bou and her friend off at Sparks we had an hour or so to kill.  I put him in the stroller and we walked to a couple of stores to pick up some things before I decided it was time for a bathroom break.

I waited until I pushed the stroller into the stall before asking "Do you need to potty?" to which he emphatically responds "YES!".  Wow, this was just awesome, I thought to myself as I unbuckled him.  Who knew potty-training my boy would be so easy? 

And as I lifted him out I saw the big dark circle in the center of my bright orange umbrella stroller.  Seems that I was few seconds too late!  No big deal, I'd just change him.  I opened the diaper bag to find, well, not much.   I had only one size 3 diaper (he wears a size 4), no wipes, no underwear, and no shorts.  Hmmm...

Oh, and no shoes.  Buddy was barefoot because my children leave the house all the time without footwear - they are like little Hawaiian rednecks.  Plus, I was planning to have him ride in the stroller the whole time so I wasn't worried about having shoes with us.

So I put on the litte diaper (which covered about half of his little butt).  I couldn't put him back in the wet stroller and he couldn't walk barefoot on the hot asphalt outside.  As I was carrying my boy sans pants with one hand and pushing the peed on stroller with the other hand, I knew my shopping time was over.  I was really just talking out loud to myself when I said "Well, what should we do now Buddy?".  He looked up at me and said in a very serious voice, "Mama, we wash our hands now!".

Don't you love how little ones are such concrete thinkers?

Here's a cute video (mostly for you Daddy) of Buddy sporting his new underwear, which he thinks are VERY cool.  He loves to run around in them.  I'm sure that 10 years from now he'll be so thrilled that I posted this, but at least I don't use his real name on the blog so his buddies can't google it :)

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  1. That boy has more abdominal definition that I do.